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Wow, Peteski: I was just reviewing the messages. What I meant by JMRI being a crutch. What I should have said "an absolute necessity". I can't imaging a model railroader/or rather "railroad modeler" doing any programming beyond CV 2,3,4,5,6 without it. Back with just the DCS50, no PC interface, working with those basic CV's was relatively easy. And going beyond them was "work" - work for a novice. Then, the SPROG and JMRI and bam! What a breeze. Yes, I know we don't need 95% of the CV's. But since working with this QSI decoder, we would never be able to do so without JMRI. So, yes, I love JMRI and am totally grateful to all the developers - all over the world. No matter who they are or where they are from. 5 stars! Now, for latching. What is happening to me is: When I use f2 on any loco, it blows the whistle non latching. But when I use f2 on the QSI loco, it is latching. Stays on until I push it again. So, to me, it's a decoder problem, not command station. 99% of the time, I use the DCS50 because it's so simple. As for the extra functions, as John has mentioned, the UT4D should work. But that's another matter. Let me concentrate on functions with you. Is there any way to change f2 to non-latching without going through the command station? Is there any place in JMRI? I didn't find one, that's why I'm asking. The manual didn't address this at all. And this makes sense based upon what you are telling me. Thanks. It's just that this QSI decoder is backwards. And apparently there's no fix. Same as changing sound or sound levels. Sound Status - yes, as explained by Marcus.
Morgan F Bilbo, DCS50, UT4D, UR93, SPROGIIv4, JMRI 4.24, Pennsy modeler 1952

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