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Marcus Ammann

Hi Morgan


I selected Decoder Pro’s Decoder Definition for the PCM PRRI1sa 2-10-0 and the Status Report is there.

Using the Program Track.

If you use POM., you have to disable the Verbal Acknowledgment in CV 62 on the QSI Misc Tab.


Select the Sound Control Tab

Check Tick “Status Report MPH”

Select Function Output Tab

Default shows F10 operates Status Report for both Fwd/Rev and Neutral.


Your Digitrax, you said you cannot operate F10.


Using the same Function Output Tab.

Select a F0 to F9 that suitable for you.

Select “Status Report” instead of the selected default setting for that Function.

WRITE the Changes on Sheet or Write FULL Sheet.  


Operate the loco on the Main and press the appropriate Function Button.

Did you get a Speed Report.

If not you done something incorrect OR the particular decoder does not support this feature – not included by QSI, when they made the decoder file.


Hope this helps






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On Mon, Aug 9, 2021 at 05:24 PM, Marcus Ammann wrote:

In my Decoder Pro I cannot find a Decoder Definition for your PRRI1sa loco you have said your model is.

What is the actual Decoder Definition you are using?

Marcus: Here's the best I can do:

That is the correct one. Verified by another QSI guru.
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