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Marcus Ammann

Hi Morgan


Other modellers more familiar than me with the USA QSI releases have replied about your issues on this list and some go back to Jan 2021. Did you post a message on the JMRIusers @ Groups i.o as one modeller suggested?


In my Decoder Pro I cannot find a Decoder Definition for your PRRI1sa loco you have said your model is.

What is the actual Decoder Definition you are using?


An idiosyncrasy about 2 of MY Version 7 QSI equipped locos, BOTH decoder definitions say the MPH that the loco is moving (Status) is available but ONLY ONE announces the SPEED when I press F10.

What this says to me and I’ve been involved with “setting up” locos with QSI and the Manufacturer, that QSI did not for some reason, implement that feature in that OEM version but the Decoder Definition say  that it is in there. Remember Decoder Definitions are written by Volunteers and they maybe “Generic” for the model/version.


About not being able to access F10 on your Digitrax, you can re-assign the “Status” verbal to be activated by another Function button.


I hope you can find a solution to your questions but in case you cannot, lots of fun running the QSI equipped Decapod can be had on your layout without one or two of “the Bells & Whistles”.




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Sorry, John: That leads to more questions. My controller does not go to function 10, it only goes from 0 to 9, or 10 functions in total. So I can't access a function 10. And now I have another question. The whistle, function 2. Press it and it stays on. Press it again to stop. The manual refers to a "horn button". Again, my controller does not have a horn button. So apparently a lot of stuff in the manual does not apply to me. This is why it's so difficult and frustrating to understand how to do the things that the manual refers to and is impossible to do. Is there a way to get that horn F2 to function like other locos? So it only blows when the button is pressed and as soon as you release it, it stops? I am sorry to have to ask because the manual is not clear to me. I suspect that if I use the SPROG and JMRI in POM, that I might be able to use the JMRI throttle to access function 10/11/12. And as you can figure - that is extremely difficult for me - the PC and the layout are not right on top of each other and reaching from the PC/JMRI/throttle to the layout/loco is too far. Besides, that JRMI throttle with it's slide control is another problem. The round knob on either the DCS50 or the UT4D is certainly a lot easier. And in fact, the UT4D can be used standing right there with the loco. Hence/POM that way is super easy. When using the pt is where the distance of the PC is a problem.
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