Marcus: Sorry, but you got off the track. It is a QSI. It was purchased back in 2010 when BLI was connected? with Precision Craft ? and did indeed use a QSI decoder. Somewhere along that era, BLI bought the rights to use QSI and found a way to create their own decoder, Paragon. So all the Paragons have ancestry in QSI. Hence, some similarities. The decoder is listed specifically in JMRI and I know it's the right one. So all the CV's in JMRI match. I say match, because back when I had the paper manual, they did indeed match. I lost that paper manual and have been struggling with the many issues of manual that the Internet/online seem to have. I am now confident that the latest one, dated 2015, is sufficient for me. So, as I have explained. I am not trying to conquer ALL the CV's. Just a few at a time to get this loco doing some "nice" things that the other BLI's don't or can't. One things for sure, the bells and whistles are different in this QSI and the Paragon2 version of the same loco. (I have two decapods, look the same, but sound very differently because of the different decoders. As for programming, I do not POM. I strictly use the SPROG and the programming track. That don't even need the Digitrax. The SPROG has it's own command station - which I don't need or use. Just the programming with JMRI. And yes, JMRI takes the guesswork out of  CV's. But I am learning a bit about these CV's - enough to make some sense out of them. Hence my discussion of CV64/62. If I don't use POM, I don't need verbal response from the decoder. Right? But, when operating with the DIgitrax/no SPROG. I can use POM to alter the speed or such. Not always. Just as a "playing train". Or the bell volume for example. I then make a note of my change and when back on the pt with SPROG, make the change in JMRI. So that anything I did on POM will be logged into JMRI. Also, since I don't have a QSI programmer, I now know that I can not change "the sound project" with just JMRI. So I will have to work within the restrictions. Is this now clear? The beginning of this thread was to get some clarification and I hope I now have enough to proceed. Again, thanks to all.

Morgan F Bilbo, DCS50, UT4D, UR93, SPROGIIv4, JMRI 4.24, Pennsy modeler 1952

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