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Marcus Ammann

Hi Morgan


See the note below about your loco, it’s BLI Paragon not a QSI equipped loco from what I read.


I have many locos factory fitted with QSI decoders ranging from Version 6, Ver 7 to Titan and a few locos using QSI after market decoders where I’ve fitted the Revolution decoder but I model Australian so I don’t have a Decapod like what you’re trying to “adjust”.


Factory fitted QSI is where the Manufacturer has sent a sound file to QSI and they have dissected the recording into “parts” and have loaded them into the appropriate Sound Slot e.g. Whistle, Horn, engine running sounds etc and we the end user are stuck with what QSI and the manufacturer supplied.


After market is where a user/dealer wants to use a QSI decoder but has to “load” a particular sound project from a QSI site, later QSI Solutions and now from an archived site etc and you’ll need a QSI Programmer to load the “project”.  


You don’t have to have a QSI Programmer to program/adjust either of the Factory Fitted or After Market decoders.

Adjusting all decoders including QSIs is by your handpiece, the Spog or using Decoder Pro that you already have, by using the Program Track or the On the Main – POM.


As you’ve already seen, using Decoder Pro saves you from figuring out the C.V. and the appropriate value you need to use to “adjust” whatever you’re trying to adjust e.g. Volume motor performance etc.  


Now for your query about  CVs 62 and 64, I’ve never used CV 64 but I know it’s in the decoder as it’s on the JMRI Decoder Definition for my Factory supplied decoder but CV62 is another story:


When using “On the Main – POM” mode of programming, that I use most of the time when tinkering with all decoders, for the QSI you need to DISABLE the Verbal Acknowledgement and program CV 62 to “0” when programming MULTIPLE CVs like when adjust Indexed CVs, Speed Tables etc.


If you are only programming on the Program Track, you DON’T need to disable CV 62.


If you want to change the Whistle in your Decapod, you’ll need a QSI Programmer and a  “suitable” sound file to load it into the decoder.


Using Decoder Pro, saves you having to regularly consult the 440 page Manual.


Not familiar with this loco, I searched for your model number that you quoted “BLI PRR I1sa #4538” and found this at BLI, see:


I cannot find a JMRI Decoder Definition for this loco.


Maybe this is the problem, it’s not a QSI equipped loco, perhaps someone else can chime ii here.


I hope this helps









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The response I was hoping for was via email. So we could communicate offline. But, that's OK. I appreciate your response - Yank: My signature block shows what I'm using. A Digitrax original Zephyr. I always update any other that is needed. Hence, JMRI 4.24. When I do programming, I use the SPROG ONLY. No connection to Digitrax. So, what I am saying is: When on the pt/w/SPROG. It currently shows CV62=1 and CV64=0. So I figure I need to change CV62 to 0 to turn off all verbal responses. But what I really want to know is: Why? Or if I  leave verbal on, what good is it, if I don't use POM. Since I do all programming on the SPROG with regular pt mode, and if I remember correctly, in Direct always. The verbal being on POM only? Why do I need it? Or, I can ask in another way. If I use the Zephyr and want to change a CV on POM, would the verbal be of any real use? I ask this because I know that on POM, the Zephyr can not read back. So, what I assume (That's dangerous, I know.) is that using POM, the verbal will tell me what I changed. But since that's what I did, the verbal only verifies. So that is redundant. ?? Am I right? And this is only the first question I have about QSI and CV's. The next is about what I said above. If I do use verbal, is there a speedometer that QSI has that will tell me what speed I'm running? If so, how is it used? As you know, the manuals don't really give detail - only the how to connect, not how to use. And then, it's usually buried so deep in the manual, I take forever to find it and then try to understand it all. Is this clear?
Morgan F Bilbo, DCS50, UT4D, UR93, SPROGIIv4, JMRI 4.24, Pennsy modeler 1952

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