Re: I need some clarification, now more!.


We agree!  OSI is one of the more complex (and also feature-rich, and very configurable) decoders out there. Similar to ESU or ZIMO.  There are less-complex (and simpler to program and understand their programming) sound decoders out there, but they do not have all the bells and whistles of QSI.  I mentioned those decoders in my last message.

You could go with a simpler decoder but for financial reason you are sticking with QSI. I'm glad that you are sticking with it (even if it means slowly learning how to program it.  Programming QSI decoder should be less frustrating when using JMRI DecoderPro (or even QSI's QuantumProgrammer and CV Manager).

And you are right -- this venue is the right place to ask questions when you get stuck on some problem, but it also helps (person asking, and everybody else here) if they have at least some basic understanding of the decoder's programming.  And don't be intimidated by all the programmable features of QSI. I don't use a large subset of those feature (and I suspect many members here do not use every feature of their QSI decoders either).


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