Re: I need some clarification, now more!.


Exactly, Peteski: I had downloaded that and was going to start to read it. At least for CV 62/64, etc. But as I may have said. Too much of this is way over my head. And yes, I know ESU are worse. But I don't have any ESU. And I only have this one QSI. So, I am just going to keep working on it. It is a most interesting "journey" as you can imagine. I don't know about you, or the others who read QSI forum, but: Don't it make you wonder "What the heck is so wrong with QSI being quirky or "difficult" when one looks at ESU and needs to wade through 5,000 CV's. And like QSI, need to buy proprietary additions to work the CV's properly. In both cases, trying to use a DCS50 alone/for example is a major headache. One needs JMRI and a SPROG or some sort of booster for the other PC interfaces. Even my SPROG needed a tweak to get it to read my QSI decoder.
Morgan F Bilbo, DCS50, UT4D, UR93, SPRO

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