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Peteski: That's one of the problems I have. I have so many manuals that I had downloaded.  And none of them have 448 pages. The one I do have that does have 434 pages is: dated 4/18/14 Ref man for Quantum 3,2&1 vs 5.1.1 for vs 7,8,9. All other manuals have far too few pages. I had spent many hours trying to find the correct manual for my decoder. I had lost the physical manual and that is what really hurts. The manual you mention is not one I have. Next step is to see if I can download the manual you suggest. What really makes this confusing is that I bought the loco in 12/2010 and most of these manuals are dated 2014 or so. The manual I do have that is closest to 12/2010 is dated 8/1/09. All others are newer. And the one you mention is newer. Should I assume that if I simply download the newest manual available and it does verify that it covers firmware version 7, it should still be OK for my old decoder? I have no idea if it's a Q 3,2or1?  I did check the above mentioned one and found where they describe CV62 and 64 and based upon Yank's response, I think I understand why he chose CV62=00 and CV64=01. So I will try that and see what happens. Thanks to all of you that respond.
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