Re: I need some clarification, now more!.

Barry Yankolonis

Morgan to answer a few points.  If you only use PT than  verbal read back offers little help and you are correct in your assement. There are  a lot of situations where you might want to use POM, for instance when trying to speed match engines.  Yea the verbal acknowledgement is a little redundant, but it does confirm that the decoder accepted and implemented the change.  Even though you are confident that you have sent the correct programing instructions to the decoder, in some cases, the decoder doesn't receive the change or gets it wrong.  That being said, sometimes, as in the case with NCE command stations, which I use, the command station transmits the data in rapid sequences, depending on the commanded changes and if the decoder is verbally responding to the first instruction packet it gets, it misses the rest and your commanded changes are not fully implemented. There are a lot of other variables that come into play when communicating with the decoders either being programming or just simple operating commands.  On one of the other web sites, they show oscilloscope displays of the typical command station outputs to the decoder.  The signal wave forms are not really great.  That the decoders are able to make any sense of the signals is rather remarkable, with the typical distortion in the wave form signals. The information states, that on average, a decoder can only read about 40% of the commands transmitted to it, but is able to comply because of the redundancy/rapidity of the commands being sent. 
I always set CV62=0 and 64=1.  To get engine speed in ops mode with engine running, hit F10 and you will get a verbal speed readout.  It's sometimes a little hard to decipher because the volume of the read out is a little less than the level of the"operational"  sound the engine is emitting.    

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