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The response I was hoping for was via email. So we could communicate offline. But, that's OK. I appreciate your response - Yank: My signature block shows what I'm using. A Digitrax original Zephyr. I always update any other that is needed. Hence, JMRI 4.24. When I do programming, I use the SPROG ONLY. No connection to Digitrax. So, what I am saying is: When on the pt/w/SPROG. It currently shows CV62=1 and CV64=0. So I figure I need to change CV62 to 0 to turn off all verbal responses. But what I really want to know is: Why? Or if I  leave verbal on, what good is it, if I don't use POM. Since I do all programming on the SPROG with regular pt mode, and if I remember correctly, in Direct always. The verbal being on POM only? Why do I need it? Or, I can ask in another way. If I use the Zephyr and want to change a CV on POM, would the verbal be of any real use? I ask this because I know that on POM, the Zephyr can not read back. So, what I assume (That's dangerous, I know.) is that using POM, the verbal will tell me what I changed. But since that's what I did, the verbal only verifies. So that is redundant. ?? Am I right? And this is only the first question I have about QSI and CV's. The next is about what I said above. If I do use verbal, is there a speedometer that QSI has that will tell me what speed I'm running? If so, how is it used? As you know, the manuals don't really give detail - only the how to connect, not how to use. And then, it's usually buried so deep in the manual, I take forever to find it and then try to understand it all. Is this clear?
Morgan F Bilbo, DCS50, UT4D, UR93, SPROGIIv4, JMRI 4.24, Pennsy modeler 1952

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