Re: Locos shutting down

Paul B/Indy

As Greg has already said, it is very unlikely that all three have failed at the same time.  Perhaps more info is needed.  Are they consisted?  If so, do any other locos also stop when they do (so, are they tripping a circuit breaker or not)?  

You say cleaning the wheels is a temporary fix.  How long?  P2K engines are VERY prone to wearing out their wheel plating, and thus the wheels get dirty very, very quickly.  It seems unlikely that this is your issue, but it is one thing to check.  Any ‘brass’ color showing thru the plating is a bad sign.

Paul B/Indy

On Jul 31, 2021, at 2:19 PM, Ray Di Ciacca <raydiciacca@...> wrote:

I have now come across three diesel locos that shut down for no apparent reason. They are running fine then stop dead. they are all Proto 2000. I have cleaned the wheels, but this is only a temporary fix.The stop then start up again but as soon as they move they shut down. Any suggestions.

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