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Dave Hastings

Yeah , been told that about the whistle, but that is how it sounded on a prototype engine from what I have learned. Maybe somebody in your area has the programmer.

Dave Hastings

On Monday, July 26, 2021, 10:08:50 AM EDT, PennsyNut <> wrote:

Thanks Dave. That's what I thought. At one time, I had a question about my QSI/from 2010. And did get answers. When I said sound. I meant different ones, not volume. I have to assume (and that's dangerous) that when BLI brought out that PRR decapod, that they had the correct sounds installed. The banshee whistle I have trails off at the end. I'd don't like that. But was told that the only way to change that was to get the programmer. I don't think that's feasible for just one engine. If I had more QSI's, I'd consider the purchase. Like I said: To pay another $100 or so for a new decoder - just because I don't like QSI is just plain stupid. IMHO.  I too am retired, 82 yrs old, live in TX. No basements. So much like FL where we use whatever space we have available. Mine is a 12" by 24' shelf in a hallway in a mobile home. Running nothing but PRR steam. I do use a diesel or two for testing track, etc. But steam for operation. What I like to think of me as: is frugal. Spend the money wisely. Having spent that $400 plus for that QSI is not a waste, but to change out the decoder is a terrible waste of money. That's what I don't understand about so many people doing that. Another way of saying that is: How much better can a TCS, ESU, Tsunami 2, or any - be than the QSI. Just because the QSI is cantankerous, don't mean it isn't good. One just has to fiddle a bit with the CV's. That's what I did. It did take a bit of finagling on my part, but it turned out to be fun. Just as much fun as tuning BLI Paragon 2 and 3. No worse than I thought they would be. I kind of wish BLI had kept using QSI instead of buying the rights and creating their own. In that case, my 5 BLI's would have been QSI also and made the purchase of the programmer feasible. Again IMHO.
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