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Dave Hastings

Hi, I see nobody has answered your question. QSI is still alive and well. The site is still operational and they have quite a few sound files for download. Yes this site is for all things QSI. Back in 2017/18 I read on this site where Kelly Dorf  was the new man in  charge, I had a couple of locos that were acting really bad and I had put them away, I emailed Kelly and he said to send them to him, he would see what he can do with them. A couple of months went by and they showed up at my door, both fixed and no charge.
There was also Shedaker's site, he was the sound guy who did not work for them , but he developed  sound files for download.
He disappeared but his site is still up, but nobody knows for how long ( take all of this with a grain of salt).
 Now, what sounds do you need to adjust? The level of sound for each sound is on JMRI so I don't know what you are referring to.
 I have a early model from 2003 of a C&O E7 that had V6 in it, and the 2 I sent in both had V6, and I bought V7 chips and installed them with no problems, you would have to see the decoder to know what I am speaking of. That was the issue they had with MTH over regulated throttle control and speed control and has been resolved.
 Yes guys are replacing them, I don't know why, rumors I guess. Perception maybe.
 Decoder Buddy is not a QSI product, it is out there because  somebody thinks it is the answer to hard wiring a decoder, but you still need to hardwire the Buddy in.
 If you don't have the skills, just buy a loco with sound already installed. 
 I have about 900 engines, with about 40 with sound, most of them have QSI, with MTH ( now there is another problem), Soundtraxx and ESU, along with a couple of MRC. The old saying , you get what you pay for, really applies here. I am a collector, but I also run most of them.
 I am not wealthy, I am retired, just have everything paid off. Most of my engines were bought used and I have mostly cheap NCE and Digitrax decoders in them. I live in Florida so everybody down here has a layout in their garage or out in sheds, with a fortunate few that have large outbuildings.
Dave Hastings

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I see this forum has been around since 2004. And I don't have time to read each and every thread. So, let me say this: Is this forum for all QSI decoders? Or just the newest. Titan or whatever it's called. As a newbie and owner of a QSI decoder equipped loco. (A BLI PRR I1sa #4538, from 2010.) So far, I have it programmed with JMRI and most CV's seem to work. I also realize I can not adjust sound or tinker with some things - because I don't have the expensive programming tool. I also see where a lot of people are simply replacing the QSI with one of the newer ones. Where that bothers me is: A loco costs $400 or so, and you'd have to spend "how much" to get another? And also a Decoder Buddy? And what else? And what if I don't have the skills necessary. This doesn't sound too promising to me. So I have to be satisfied with what I have and hope for the best. And give up on sound adjustment. I hate to say it, but: It don't sound like QSI is really interested in selling us decoders. And that leads to ask: How may Titans are there?
Morgan F Bilbo, Pennsy modeler 1952

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