Re: Unable to read Mfg ID, Status = 1

Greg Elmassian

John, you are still not understanding...

You have listed everything except what I am asking about.

Were you able to read my page? if not, please email me greg@... and I will send an email that the link will work for you.

I added pictures to my site:  CLICK HERE

I really hate to copy sections of my site, as there is an entire page covering the whole situation...

here are the instructions to read the PROGRAMMER FIRMWARE VERSION (not the CV Manager software version which is what you keep showing)

Firmware version/upgrading

After installation, you should check for upgrade of the firmware in the programming "dongle" at least when you get one. It's in a really weird place in the programming software.

  • right click on the upper left of the title bar of the Quantum Upgrade window  (Q1 or Q2), right on the words "Q2Upgrade"
  • Yes, there is nothing up there, but when you do it, you get a menu you cannot get any other way.
  • There's a selection: "Quantum Programmer...", click that, and then you get another menu.
  • Click "retrieve firmware version".. you will then see the version in your dongle. 
  • Beneath that, there's a box that says "Upgrade firmware to version xxx"... if your firmware is older, then do the upgrade.

The firmware version as of 2021 is 2.0.5

Hope this works...

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