Re: Unable to read Mfg ID, Status = 1

Greg Elmassian

first, looking for the firmware version of the programmer, in the menu as I describe.

my site is, I guess your email cut off the link I sent...

1. the link is fine here on the site... so perhaps go to


2. get to my web site, go under DCC, then under the manufacturers page, pick QSI

3. under QSI there is a menu for the programmer h/w & s/w the page I tried to get you to with the original link...

Bottom line: (in the Q1Upgrade program):

When you RIGHT click on the top left corner of the window (there is nothing special there by eye) an additional menu pops up.

This allows you to verify the connection to the programmer, read PROGRAMMER firmware version, and "base current"..

All this things will help isolate where your problem is. It's really strange and unfortunate that QSI made a "hidden menu" that is really useful.


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