Re: Unable to read Mfg ID, Status = 1

John Burkhardt



This is what I get from my QSI PC software:


Quantum 1a Firmware Update Application


December 29.2009




Quantum 2 and 3 Firmware Update Application


April 18.2014




CV Programmer


April 20.2014


Unfortunately I can’t open the link you provided on my PC (as ancient as myself) though I had a quick look on my smart phone and later will try on my tablet.


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Actually Q2 works on the revolution and other Q2 decoders and the Titan (Q3).

But I was asking if the QSI programmer diagnostics are in the Q1 software, thus verifying that the programmer is/is not the issue, as opposed to the decoders.

You right click on the top left of the windows title bar and a new menu pops up that lets you verify the programmer..

Procedure outlined on this page:


John Burkhardt
South Africa
Where the sun always shines
and Steam still reigns!

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