Re: Multiple LEDs on FX-DO


That dual-diode circuit I attached is simply the positive half of a bridge rectifier. Since you only need positive voltage for as the common for function to work (negative is provided through the decoder), the negative half of the bridge rectifier is not needed. 

I model in N scale, so I need to find smallest possible solutions.  A dual diode is smaller than a bridge rectifier.  Actually this dual-diode common-positive circuit is used by many manufacturers for headlight power on factory installed light boards that include a 6-pin decoder plug (since 6-pins do not include the "blue" common positive output).

On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 02:25 AM, Joó Ferenc wrote:
Thanks KJ and Peteski,
For the diodes from the track pick-up, that should not be needed if I connect to the bridge rectifier, if I am correct.
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