Re: Multiple LEDs on FX-DO


Hi Joo,

  Sorry, the decoder is not for sale.  I have a locomotive in which I want to install the decoder.  

  I'm not sure that we have the same decoder.  I just checked, mine is the Titan FX-O.  # 670-0200.    My top board has two banks of 8 pin connectors, labeled P1 and P2,  totaling 16 wires =  12 functions, 2 X +5 V and 2 X GND wires.  

  Did you do a query on what version you have?  You can use CV 64 to query CV 7 .    POM --> CV 64 = 7    The decoder should speak the version number.

  Also, you can check build information.   See the big 483 page manual on page 393.

  Pages 410 and 411 show light port to feature mapping CVs.

  Try a reset, cycle the power, then do a query of each light feature.   Then assign the correct light to each port.   If you have a computer attached to an NCE system you can use the CV Manager to do the same.

  I'll have a look tomorrow and see if I can wire the decoder to some kind of test fixture.  It's not yet installed in a locomotive.  It may take a while.

Best regards,

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