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The wiring diagram is on the shedaker web page. I suggest you download the PDF Installation guide.

The Titan manual has a complete explanation of the wiring with colors. The "normal" P1 connector side with the 8-pin DCC plug is the DCC standard for every decoder that follows NMRA standards, The second harness has the 4 speaker wires for the Stereo outputs and lighting and function outputs. The wire colors like Violet / Red are a BASE color of Violet and a TRACE color of Red. 

The "Ports" are lighting / Function outputs so if you use P1 Purple and P1 Blue, the output would be a 14 VDC (or higher) output. If you use  P1 Purple and P2 Red / White, you have a 5 VDC output. This is what most folks use for LEDs with the appropriate resistor. If you use the Blue output, the LED becomes a flashbulb.

One word of caution. When wiring up your decoder, be VERY careful of the speaker wires. If you have power to the rails and one of them touches the rail while the decoder is connected to the loco, The end result will be a nasty smell, lots of smoke, occasionally some flames, and a worthless decoder with a hole in it. Don't ask how I know this. Any unused port wires should be clipped so NO bare wire is exposed at the end, especially if you are installing the decoder in a BRASS loco. Brass or metal frames are great conductors. Kapco tape is your friend. Wrap the ends during the installation and testing.

P1 wiring 

RED = Right Rail
Black = Left Rail
Orange = Motor (+)
Gray = Motor (-)
Yellow = Rear light (-)
White = Front Light (-)
Blue = DCC (+) (14V or higher)
Green = Port 3
Purple = Port 4

P2 Wiring

Violet / Red = Speaker 1 (+)
Violet / Black = Speaker 1 (-)
Violet / Green = Speaker 2 (-)
Violet / Yellow = Speaker 2 (+)
White / Green = Port 5
White / Blue = Port 6
White / Violet = Port 7
White / Grey = Port 8
Orange / White = Port 9
Yellow / White = Port 10
Red / White = +5V for LED output
Tan = Chuff Cam
Pink = Hard reset for reed switch
Black / White = Ground

Nick Kulp
QSI Beta Tester since the beginning.

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