Re: wiring diagram



It's there, try this link. then select the install guide.

Once there select the product tab, then select HO sound and power decoder,

you want the install guide.

Ed Sauers

Ed Sauers

On 1/31/2021 4:39 PM, Paul B/Indy wrote:
Good day.  I have purchased a new (from QSI) Titan-U decoder with Winton 201a sound.  However, there was no information of any kind sent with it, and the mass of wires emanating from the end are intimidating to me.  I have looked on both the QSI site and this Group IO site, and I do find Titan-A, but not U, diagrams.  Can anyone help me with what the wires control?

It has a normal 8 pin plug on the input side.  No issue there.


Paul Brown

PS - I did find the 468 page manual, but it has no wiring diagram that I found

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