Re: Where is the official download site for CVManager and Quantum Upgrade programs?


Thanks for that info Gregg
The description of your "other" group states:
"Hi, this a forum I started so we have a QSI Solutions forum that is controlled by the QSI solutions people. I'm working with Josh to manage the last of the stock of decoders, and am looking into what it would take to make more of the G scale Titan. Note this is QSI Solutions, not QS Industries"

That is interesting.  I thought that Josh Shedaker was totally out of the picture. No?  Your group's description seems to indicate that he is still involved with OSI decoders?  If so, then you and him probably have the latest in the sound files for all the decoders and Quantum Programmer.  Not sure then why you are asking where to find the latest versions (other than is on Josh's website).

To be honest, having two separate companies managing a line of sound decoders is a bit awkward, but it is what it is.  It is not your doing either.  MAybe that is the reason QSI and QSI-S ended up where it is now - at what it seems to be a dead end.  Those Revolution and Titan decoders were way ahead of its time when they were developed.  I can't even imagine what the next generation woudl look like if the company thrived instead of fading away.  I suspect thay woudl give ESU and ZIMO run for their money.

I'm still amazed at the functionality and programmability of the Revolution decoder in my Walthers//Life-Like N scale 2-8-8-2 loco.  The 400+ pages manual clearly speaks to that decoder's capabilities. And that was back about 14 years ago!  That decoder still has the most accurate BEMF-synched chuffs from any other sound decoder I have worked with.


On Sat, Jan 30, 2021 at 05:18 PM, Greg Elmassian wrote:
Well, if you use the "find or create group" at the top of the page, and put QSI in the search, you would find:


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