Re: Quantum programmer not functioning


Hmm  . . .  the buzz and flashing red light seems to me to indicate a hardware problem.  Is the loco you are trying to access with the Quantum programmer fully functional? Can you run it problem-free on your regular DCC system?

What model is it? What decoder is installed?


On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 02:39 AM, Joó Ferenc wrote:
When I try to turn on the sound with F6 or the lights with F0 (i.e. not driving the motors), I get the messages. I am not sure what you mean by JMRI throttle. Is that the built-in throttle of the Quantum CV Manager? As I only used the QSI supplied Quantum CV Manager.
One error message I get says: 
SI_Read requested=4 read=2
The other:
There is a very quiet short buzz from the programmer and the red light starts blinking quickly.


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