Re: Where is the official download site for CVManager and Quantum Upgrade programs?


I'm fairly certain that what is on Josh's site is the  latest versions of everything.  QS Industries has not been very active in developing new software.

So there is a "sister" group called 'QSI Solutions" on  How active is it?

I also wonder if you will be able to upload anything to this group - I tried and was not able to. I contacted the group owner about it, but I never received a reply.


On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 02:18 AM, Greg Elmassian wrote:
Kelly, is there any issue with having CVManager and Quantum update in the files section of this forum?  I also "own" the QSI Solutions forum on, so I could put what I have there in the files, but would seek OK from QS Industries first.

Clearly Josh's site has not been updated in a long time, so what is there for these programs must be out of date.

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