Re: Where is the official download site for CVManager and Quantum Upgrade programs?

Ed.Sauers <dockside98@...>


The following is my opinion on the QSI support effort.

Most of the members on this group are long term supporters of QSI, we stay in support of QSI because the Titan is still the best and most sophisticated DCC decoder on the market.

We would all love to have more info., updates and new products but these things are going to take extra time due to the lose of Josh, QSI did not just loose one person, Josh was the QSI support arm, and with his exit QSI had to scramble to cover multiple areas of support without any prior notice. QSI Isn't Microsoft or Apple so when they lose a worker like Josh it could take years to recover from that (how many sound engineers would be willing to work for a model railroad decoder company?, I sure they are in demand) it would take a person that has a love for model railroading sounds and the model railroad hobby itself. 

Most of us are willing to wait and hope that QSI will some day be able to return to the level of support that was present before Josh made his exit but until then we wait patiently and hope for the best!.

Ed Sauers

On 1/24/2021 9:53 PM, Greg Elmassian wrote:

that is not OFFICIAL, note the topic title please!!!!

Josh Shedaker is not an employee of QS Industries.

Surely there is a new version by now.

And that site is falling apart, files are disappearing...

So, maybe I have to email one of the QS Industries people eventually... I'll wait a bit longer and see if one reads this thread.


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