BLI Locomotive that won't move


I am brand new to the forum, and I recently acquired a BLI 2-8-2 steam locomotive (my first BLI, decorated as a Southern, #6326) at an estate sale.  I run DC on my layout, and understand that these locos will work on DC.  When I powered it up, it made all the steam/pumps/etc. sounds, but didn't move.  I contacted BLI, and they determined that the loco is over 15 years old, and QSI equipped.  I decided to buy a QSI Sidekick on ebay, and it works great (controls whistle and bell fine, but the loco still wouldn't move.  To make a long story short, BLI suggested I "reset" the loco, and I did so, using the remove/replace the black jumper method.  When I did this, I got three hoots from the whistle, which indicates that a reset was accomplished.  However, upon powering up again, no movement, but I did get some vague rumbling sounds from the loco.
BLI actually suggested that I pose my questions here on this forum, so I'm asking if anyone else had had a similar experience, and how did you resolve it?

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