Re: Q1 Motor Diode Chips


Hi Donald,

I looked and found those but being electronically challenged was not sure they would work. May have to order a couple and give them a try.

Nothing to lose at this point.



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This the datasheet of the device, any equivalent matching the data and profile is a direct replacement.



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Hi Peteski,


I think I’m going to retire the decoder that I had that let the smoke out and use either a Revolution or Titan.


Time to move to a newer model.




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I have found a replacement MOSFET transistor pair chip (8 lead device) for the one in the motor driver H-Bridge on QSI Revolution board used in the Walthers N scale Mallet loco.  I replaced the blown chip, and that fixed the decoder.  But the transistor pair chip on that  decoder has different markings than "ZXMC 3A16 0406".


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