Re: Older QSI decoder


One question. How do you record CV's and changes with POM? The only way I know of to ensure proper documentation is with JMRI and the xml's. My approach was to save each xml as changes were made. And when finalized on the loco. Just keep the latest xml and the original. And after thinking about it. Even the original is not needed. One can always default the decoder to it's original state. But I like to save the changes as I go along just in case I want to refresh my memory of what I had done. When I only had the DCS50 and tried changing CV's POM, I found I was scribbling notes all over the place. Very un-professional. When I used the pt, I was still doing the same. So I had to buy a SPROG and hook up the PC for JMRI. Now I rely on JMRI and xml to keep a record of what I've done to the loco. In fact, I even print out the CV's on paper. Sorry if this is off target about QSI.
Morgan F Bilbo, DCS50, UT4D, UR93, SPROGIIv4, JMRI 4.20, Pennsy modeler 1952

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