Re: Older QSI decoder


As far as I know, QSI decoders are the only decoders out there that use human speech for verbal acknowledgment of values written to CVs in POM mode (and only in POM).  You can also (literally) have the decoder read back a value of any CV, again on the main line only.

While the loco is on the main track, do a POM write to one of its CVs. Just make sure that you are addressing the correct locomotive while doing any POM.  For example write some value (like 5) to CV3.  Once you do that, you will hear a male voice speaking "C V three equals five".  Cool, or what?  :-)  Whether this feature is enabled or disabled is controlled by CV62. I have  heard that some users disable this feature as it might cause some problems.

There is also a verbal readout of any CV in the QSI decoders which will literally tell you a value of any CV in the decoder.  That is CV 64.  In POM mode write to CV64 the CV  number you want to find the value of.  For example, if you write 1 to CV64 on the main line, you will hear a male voice speaking "C V one equals three"  (or whatever value is in CV1.  This feature is safe to use.

All of this is described in that thick manual you are afraid of. :-)
Just go right to the page in the manual which describes CV64 and CV62, to explain how it works.

Another cool feature is that when you press F10 on your throttle the decoder will also speak.  When the  loco is stopped, it will speak its address, and when it is moving, it will tell you (in scale miles per hour) how fast it is traveling.


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