Re: Older QSI decoder


Hi Don,

  The QSI decoder is JMRI compatible.  What version (CV7) is the decoder?  (Hint: Program On Main --> CV 62 = 7 )   If you were able to set it back to factory settings does the locomotive run properly?    Why do you want to swap decoders?   Perhaps we can help get the existing running to your satisfaction.

  The QSI version 7 (and higher) decoder has several features that are only now showing up in high end decoders.   Features like working fully variable brake, Heavy Load (allows simulating climbing or descending a mountain grade with a heavy load) at the touch of F9 key.   Decoder query allows you to read the CVs while Programming On Main.  Built in speedometer, odometer, and a host of other features can be 'spoken' by the decoder by pressing F10 (Status Report).   There's a whole lot more that many people do not know.


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