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Joó Ferenc


Is that an H0 loco? 

I am looking for a Titan FX-DO decoder (one with a smaller board on top of the bottom one) which is usually used in O scale locos.

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dlgertz <dlgertz@...> ezt írta (időpont: 2021. jan. 5., K, 7:31):

Thanks Ray.

I only have the one BLI loco and can’t see buying a QSI programmer.




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I had the same problem. You will have to replace the entire board. the attachment gives the wiring,

  within #1 on the drivers side of the loco. Cut the plug off the harness and test the wire with a multi meter to make sure. Make sure you add the wires from the tender also. You may also have to cut the wires to the reed switch in the engine. 

Good luck Ray



On Jan 4, 2021, at 2:10 PM, dlgertz <dlgertz@...> wrote:


I want to replace the QSI decoder in my used BLI Mikado HO301e05 C (2004) with a Tsunami 2, TSU-2200 and a current keeper. BLI no longer supports this model and I donbt know the wiring harness configuration between the tender and engine. Does anyone know which wires are which? Also do I replace the entire board or just part of it?


I tried programming the address using JRMI, but lost the lights and sound and was told by BLI that this decoder is not JMRI compatible. I was able to set it back to factory settings.



Don Gertz


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Hi Morgan,

  Your situation is exactly the purpose of this forum.  We are here to help.    I suggest going through the Revolution U - users guide first.   Obviously, it's for the Revolution U decoder installation, but there are many programming examples of CVs you should know.   Skim the actual installation (wiring) information and focus intently on the programming CV instructions.   There is some very helpful information within (and the users guide is relatively small).

  If you have trouble - reread the section.   If you still have trouble ask the forum.   We are here to help.   :-)      You can do this.  Put the effort in.  It will come to you.   You'll get it.

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