Re: Older QSI decoder


It is not a question of being offended (and I'm not). It is a question of keeping the group organized (to make things easier to find).  If we all posted our comments to a huge single thread, that would be really messy and hard to search for answers later.  It makes logical sense to keep different subjects separate in different threads.

As for your question about the wiring diagram, it was posted in this thread, few comments earlier by Ray Di Ciacca.  I do see the attached image, but it it is not a JPG, but a .jp2 file (JPEG2000 format) and I can't view it on my computer.  It was probably created on an Mac, or maybe some newer version of MS Windows.


On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 09:10 PM, dlgertz wrote:

I’m sorry that I offended you.

Someone replied with a wiring Jpeg, but it disappeared.

Maybe he/she can reply to me directly at dlgertz@....


Don Gertz


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