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the question you are assign is not really related to what is being discussed in this thread.  It woudl have been nice if you started a separate thread with your question.

I also really like QSI decoders and their features,  and woudl not want to replace it with inferior (to me) Tsunami decoder.  Even though I'm in N scale, and QSI never produced N-scale-size sound decoder, I still shoehorn the QSI revolution in the tenders of my N scale steam locos.  The QSI decoders are awesome!

I hope PennsyNut sticks with the QSI, and with the group's help learns more about all the features, and becomes more comfortable with programming them.


On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 03:43 PM, dlgertz wrote:

I want to replace the QSI decoder in my used BLI Mikado HO301e05 C (2004) with a Tsunami 2, TSU-2200 and a current keeper. BLI no longer supports this model and I don’t know the wiring harness configuration between the tender and engine. Does anyone know which wires are which? Also do I replace the entire board or just part of it?


I tried programming the address using JRMI, but lost the lights and sound and was told by BLI that this decoder is not JMRI compatible. I was able to set it back to factory settings.



Don Gertz


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