Re: Questions on using CV 51.15 System Pitch Shift


   You make a good point.  However, it is a challenge to make user friendly a sophisticated device, such as a QSI Titan sound decoder.  The complication is of necessity.   I think QSI has done a very good job in conveying the information.   Before reading the QSI manual I knew nothing about specific CV manipulation.    Not everyone learns at the same speed and this forum is all about addressing specific questions.  The original post was asking specific questions, clarifying issues that some users have no desire to learn.  

   Fortunately, we are able to manage C.V.s relatively easy using CV Manager or JMRI Decoder Pro. 

   JMRI Decoder Pro will work on current QSI Titan version 9 firmware.   When opening a new file, you merely select either the Titan Steam or Titan diesel (unless it's an early EMD hood unit you don't get to select the correct model) but all of the correct relative C.V.s become available.   JMRI will simply incorrectly label the locomotive type in it's file.  Not a big deal!

   QSI's free download, CV Manager, may be run using either the QSI programmer (black box).  Alternately, CV Manager can be run through an NCE command station connected to the computer or Powercab with USB interface connected to the computer.

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