Re: Questions on using CV 51.15 System Pitch Shift

Kevin Strong

CV Manager is QSI's software interface for their decoders. You used to be able to download it from their website. It may be in the files section of this list now. You'll also need the programming interface (little black box) to go with it, though it may (don't quote me) work through something like plugging your PC into the NCE system if you have one. I don't remember if that worked or not. I have the little black box. 
That's the good news. The bad news is that the software kinda works with Windows 10, it kinda doesn't. More to the point, the driver for the little black box may or may not work with windows 10. Folks here have had varying degrees of success. I'm among the "not successful" camp. I've got an old XP laptop which I use with this, so there's always that approach. 
I will say that if you have QSI decoders and you want to make changes to them, CV Manager is THE way to do it. It is by far simpler than making changes to individual CVs, etc., and more importantly, you can use it to reprogram the sounds to suit your needs.

On 12/12/2020 3:04 PM Pete Hendel <pete@...> wrote:
The name CVManager sounds familiar.  Who developed it and where can one get more info on the capabilities and features.


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