Re: Questions on using CV 51.15 System Pitch Shift



I've been involved with DCC since we had to use HEXADECIMAL on throttles that used "knob-fiddling" to program a 2-digit decoder address. The company I chose for my DCC system actually made an interface for a serial port for programming their decoders but never produced any computer software (and still don't) to use it with. When QSI came out with their programmer, I was asked to be a BETA tester for both the new Version 7 chip and the programmer and software. I was already using the very early version of DecoderPro at the time and one of our group members created a buffered computer interface kit to interface with our command stations. Keep in mind, Windows 95 was the software we used or DOS / COBOL / or other "dead" languages. (Yep, I'm OLD) . CV manager and Q1 Upgrade were like magic. We were able to completely remake our OEM decoders into literally anything. I once had a FM Trainmaster with an SP Cab-Forward sound file in it that I used at club open houses. It got a LOT of grins. We are blessed with software from both QSI, although a bit dated and proprietary usable only with their programmer, and FREE JMRI DecoderPro software that works with almost every DCC hardware and OS out there. I use both when programming decoders. Sound decoders , with all of their complex indexing CVs make using software almost mandatory. As one that still has his Hex conversion tables by his programming station, I am truly grateful that we no longer have to figure out which "bit" goes where. New users should be required to go "back to the future" I started in to be thankful they no longer need to be "techies" to use their equipment.

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