Re: How to assign and retrieve the horn value (i.e. diesel air-chime whistle) in a Titan2 equipped diesel locomotive


Dave, thanks for pointing out my error pointing out Greg's error.   Hehehehe!   Yes, the correct CV number is 1 for short address.   CV2 is for slow speed minimum.  

Nick, thanks for pointing out the talk back issue.   I think there needs to be a distinction made between 'talk back' and 'Query'.    Talk back is the decoder confirming a single CV change.   As Nick points out, the talk back feature will 'rudely interrupt' a programming sequence to report on the first CV change in the sequence.   Further, Nick disables the talk back feature as the very first step in programming the decoder.   I follow the same practice.   For those unaware how to turn off the 'talk back' feature:    CV62 = 0       (side note: CV62=1 will turn the talk back feature on)

 Query uses CV 64 to 'speak' the value of whatever CV one wishes to read (while still on the main as opposed to on the programming track).   Simply program CV64 to whatever CV# you wish to 'read'.   Handy!


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