Re: How to assign and retrieve the horn value (i.e. diesel air-chime whistle) in a Titan2 equipped diesel locomotive



KJ mentioned the "talk-back" feature in his response about Greg email. As someone that programs a LOT of decoders for our club and my friends, I must caution new users about this. The "feature" is actually a real problem unless you are only programming ONE CV at a time. If you are using any software like QSI CV manager with the programmer, or especially JMRI and any DCC system command station, the "talk-back" feature actually causes problems. Most "old guys" like me that have been doing this since the version 7 came out are aware of the problem and we disable that feature as the very first step in programming a decoder.

Information, without an explanation, is only opinion unless proof is supplied. When programming indexed CVs, with software, the CVs are sent in a multiple command message to the decoder. When talk-back is enabled, the decoder immediately attempts to provide the verbal information and then "tramples" the rest of the incoming input to the decoder. This results in a failed programming attempt that often causes inexperienced modelers to complain that the decoder will not accept commands.

It has been documented often in different groups and even in information packs sent to BETA testers like me. I felt it was necessary to make sure you have this information.

As a BETA tester I also learned a very important piece of information about the version 7 and Revolution decoders. After programming the decoder, if you are using the programmer and QSI CV Manager in OPS Modes (mainline programming), ALWAYS cycle power before testing the decoder. If you fail to do this, the decoder will not reflect the new information. Since I've been doing this since the Version 7 came out, I continue this process with the Titan as well but I do not think it is needed with the Titan.

Take care my friends and have a great (USA) Thanksgiving

Nick Kulp

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