Re: How to assign and retrieve the horn value (i.e. diesel air-chime whistle) in a Titan2 equipped diesel locomotive

Greg Elmassian

you can also announce the cv settings by using cv64, which reads back the value... you can do this on the main (POM)....

do POM CV64 = 2 (edited to correct) and the decoder will announce the short address.

similarly, you can use index values, so you do (POM)

CV49 "X"
CV50 "Y"
CV64 "Z" where you want to read the CV of Z.x.y  using the nomenclature from the manual...

This way you don't need the program track and don't need to take locos off the track (although I submit if you have a dedicated program track, you should already be in the habit of never having more than one loco on this at ANY time!)



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