How to assign and retrieve the horn value (i.e. diesel air-chime whistle) in a Titan2 equipped diesel locomotive


The way to assign a chime horn is as follows:  Let's say you want the beautiful Leslie S5T sound for your loco, as was used on the Frisco, Santa Fe, CNW, N&W, etc.  You first assign a "1" to CV 50, then assign a "1" to CV 49, and finally assign the horn value you want, which in this example is listed at page 127 in the August 5, 2015 QSI Manual (a pdf file that you can download from the web).  You then assign value "35" to CV 55, which is the value for the Leslie S5T, and voila, you engine now sports a Leslie 5-chime sound.

On my NCE Power Cab, to retrieve the horn value assigned to CV 55, remove all locos but the one in question from the program track, hit the prog key four times to use the program track, enter, hit "2" for for CV, and enter "55".

For a good primer on diesel air-chime whistles (we called them "whistles" when I fired on the Milwaukee in the '60's, as did the Leslie Company), visit this web site, which hopefully will be updated with Nathan air chimes at some point:

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