QSI - No response

John Burkhardt

Hi Kelly,

I have a similar problem as the previous poster on Emails.


Hope you can assist. I’ve been handed a QSI decoder that came out of a first run BLI Cab Forward to be installed into a Rivarossi model. Funny though it does sound like a Cab Fwd, has a speaker in a card board tube attached to it, yet on the PCB it states Challenger?


My uncertainty is with the 8-pin JST at the end of the board for the connections to the loco that has black wire stumps that I need to splice to feed the new loco with. I have figured out the 2 track and 2 motor feeds respectively, but can’t figure the remaining ports to functions?


Can you please dig in your archives for a diagram, or point me in the direction where I can find one to download, that will give the pin=out for said JST socket? I tried the BLI webpage with no success
John Burkhardt
South Africa
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