Re: Sunset 3rd GGD SD9

Jim B

thanks for the tips.   Some of the stuff I knew and some is new.  I have downloaded this and made a printed copy and an electronic reference copy.   I am surporside the reset is an index cv.   Most decoders are one control CV.     I did learn the indexed CVs when I got my E7s.     They are basically a memory array accessed with CVs 49 and 50 much as an array in Fortran or Basic.   

I was not planing to use a function or manually turn markers on and off.   I wanted them to work automatically with the direction control.

I have not tried to resetting to factory settings.   I have read the port settings without chaning them with a bunch of different QSI decoders and all rear except the headlight list blank.    But the rear markers and number board do not always behave the same as the front ones.   this tells me they must be on a separate port.    I am reluctant to try to disassemble this unit because it would damage the detailed handrails.    I guess I will try the reset you mention next.

Robert, thanks.  

By the way guys I have been able to change ports and lighting behavior on for the lights on the front end and on other units.


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