Re: Replacement sound chip for GP7

Bob Waldele


Is this a recent problem or has the unit always been slow?

If this is truly a Life-Like unit (manufactured before they were acquired by Walthers) another possibility is you may have one (or more) cracked axle gears.  You might consider tearing down the truck assemblies and thoroughly cleaning out the old lubricant, inspect the axle gears; if it is a 15-20y/o Life-Like engine, replace the axle gears (your local dealer should have those from Walthers (or Athearn replacement gears will also work).  Old grease and accumulated dust, grit, etc., can really gum up the works!

Good luck.



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Subject: [QSIndustries] Replacement sound chip for GP7


Hello Group.

Can I please ask a question, I have gone into ‘search’ without any success, regarding a Life Like GP7 with a QSI sound chip as fitted by LL. I am unsure how old the loco is but it runs like a dog having a top speed of 25mph. I do not think the gears are shot!!

I am thinking of trying to fit a replacement QSI chip. Is there such a thing for this loco? I run my railroad in the UK so sourcing a new chip could be an issue.

Any help/advice would be most helpful.



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