Re: Relocating/replacing capacitors and filing edge of board on Titan-SD


Wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate the help.

Going off of your advice I decided not to try and file the board. I ended up filing a small notch into the weight ahead of the decoder, allowing it to shift forward by about 1mm. It no longer lines up with the factory screw holes, but some double sided foam tape still secures it to the top of the motor just fine. After relocating the factory capacitors and re-attaching (what I now know is) the heatsink via a small square of plastic tapped for the 2-56 screw, it is all back together. The locomotive sounds really good, I am very impressed at how well the QSI Titan handles the better speakers! I am going to do the second unit soon and I will post pictures of the finished work before putting the shell back on.

I do have one more question - is it possible to load new sound files onto one of these Titan-SD boards using a Quantum Programmer, or is that just for the normal Titan-U version?

Thanks again!

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