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Bruce,  page 37 of the full 468 page QSI Owner's manual lists the supported CVs.   Download here:     Download the QSI decoder manual <link>   

  Since you have a computer working with the command station, you can either use JMRI Decoder Pro or you can download QSI CV Manager (found at the website listed above).   Either one will greatly assist in achieving your desired outcome.

   Once you have either Decoder pro or CV Manager running and have selected the correct locomotive you can alter the settings on each locomotive via Programming On the Main.  This option is much easier than manually adjusting CVs.

Advanced Consist functions:

CVs 21 - 24 are the advanced consist CVs.   On QSI decoders CV 21 and CV 22 are only active when the loco is in a consist.   Don't worry about CV 19 as the NCE command station assigns the correct CV 19 value during the setup consist phase (which you have already done).

CV21 selects which of Functions 1 through Functions 8 are used for each locomotive in the consist.    I program CV 21 = 224.   (this value selects F6*, F7, F8).   For more details see the QSI owner's manual.

CV 22 selects which of the Headlights (FHL and RHL) are active and which of F9 - F12 are active in each loco in the consist.    I recommend only F9.   Program CV 21 = 4.

CV 23 is the acceleration momentum adjuster.   I recommend CV 23 = 40.

CV 24 is the deceleration momentum adjuster.   I use a very high value to simulate realistic inertia required for realistic braking.   I recommend CV 24 = 127.   ****Caution****  You will need F7 brake to stop with the high decel momentum settings.

* I assign the dynamic brake to F6 (moving only).  Startup remains on F6 (standing).  This allows me to use dynamic braking on all locos in the consist by pressing F6.

Now, when you select the lead loco, (your crew effectively has climbed into the cab of the loco) only the lead loco FHL, Horn and bell are active.    Should you choose to control the horn, bell and other features of the trailing loco you must "Select Loco" and enter the number of the trailing loco.   This is what was meant by moving your crew to the different loco.

Note:  When you first assign the loco to your cab, you can enter the Lead and trailing loco numbers into the 'Recall' slots on the Procab.     i.e. Select Loco (enter lead loco number) -> Enter.   Press 'Recall' and repeat for the trailing loco.  Pressing Recall again brings you back to the Lead loco.


  The light settings must be changed from automatic to manual control for each headlight (Front and Rear).  This is where things get complicated.   Are you sure you want to do this manually?   Read the entire post before commencing.

  In order to program the CVs you need to understand that you must program the indexing CV 49 and CV 50 first.     e.g. CV 55.70.0  (where in this example the primary index CV 49 = 70 and the secondary index CV 50 = 0)    

  In our example the "55" is the QSI Features Configuration CV.   However, CV 55 includes Horn, Bell, Headlights, Mars lights, Number board lights, etc.,  to Status report and everything in between.   That's where the Primary index comes in.  In our example the "70" is specifically referring to the Front Headlight.   The Secondary index will identify what feature of the Front Head Light we wish to adjust (such as brightness, etc.).

Step 1/
  In order to change the Front Head Light from automatic to manual control we must first program CV 49 = 70, Next CV 50 = 0, Finally CV 55 = 0  (there are plenty of adjustments if you like. pages 153 - 162 note Example 4 on page 162).
Step 2/
  Remove the FHL from the "Multiple Automatic Lights #1" see the same example 4 on page 162
Step 3/
  Assign the FHL On/Off toggle to a function button.  Likewise assign the FHL Dimmer to a different function button.  (see page 7 of the manual - CV’s 33-46: Output Locations)

  That's just part of the FHL.  You must also adjust the Rear Head Light.  (see page 163 - 172)

  I assign F0 to toggle (On/Off) the Front Head Light and F10 to toggle the Rear Head Light. 

 I then assign Function buttons to dim each headlight.  To dim the FHL I use F4.   To dim the RHL I use F5.

  This is why everyone says, "It's so much easier to use Decoder Pro (or CV Manager)."

Good luck,

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