Re: Tech question for QSI - Kelly? Gerry?



I am not familiar with the version that you have but if it is a Ver 6. decoder, you might be able to purchase an upgrade chip for it. They are available for the normal OEM decoders and I have done a LOT of those. Since you already have the programmer, it would be an easy task to pop out the old chip and install the new one. Then you can load any version 7 file into the new chip with your programmer.

FYI. This problem is thanks to Mike's Train House and his frivolous law suit against the Sound decoder manufacturers just before BLI came out with their line in the early 2000's. MTH CLAIMED they "invented" the technology and manufacturers had to cripple features in decoders like BEMF and the ability to remap features, until the lawsuit was resolved. MTH, the tinplate manufacturer, was beaten soundly and after over 5 years of waiting, the upgrade chips and the QSI programmer was released. Please pass the word about MTH as he has attempted to file other "claims" to damage this hobby. He did create his own "DCC" system but the decoders he creates and installs in his HO and O scale locos do NOT follow NMRA  standards and attempts to do minor program changes usually result in bricking the decoders. When they come up on ebay and swap lists, they are usually in bad shape and new decoders are the only solution.

One source for the upgrade chip is Yankee Dabbler. They usually run around $30.00 . I have gotten them as recently as this past July.

Good luck,
Nick Kulp

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