Re: Total Frustration with making a locomotive connection with Titan-U


Hi Bruce,

  Perhaps you can use the process of elimination to first determine where the fault lies.   Is the fault in the locomotive, the programmer or even the operator (it happens to all, so don't be offended)?

1/  Do you have a working DCC system (besides the QSI programmer)?   i.e.  Do other locomotive run on the DCC system?
2/ Does the locomotive run on the DCC system?

 If the answer to 1 is yes, but the answer to 2 is no, we need to look at either the locomotive or the operator sequence of events.    Have you got the correct locomotive selected?   If so, is the locomotive in shut down mode?

 If the answers to both the above questions are yes then we can focus on the programmer and/or SiLabs driver.  

  It's my understanding that Windows 10 is notorious for updating and screwing up the drivers.   If this is the case, using Control Panel, you'll have to remove all QSI software, and all existing SiLabs drivers.   You then have to delete the empty QSI folder.   Finally, you have to edit the registry, removing all traces of QSI.

 The order in which you re-install the drivers seems to affect the actual installation.   If you have more than one SiLabs driver install the QSI driver first.   Finally, re-install the other software you removed.

Good luck!


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