#LastOfYahoo Hissing Sound at 0 off at 1 Expan #LastOfYahoo

Talmadge C 'TC' Carr

I have a custom installed QSI sound decoder in my RS3. It has a loud hissing noise that starts at 0 and turns off at 1. In idle it is too much. Is there any guidance on what that sound is? How to turn it off or at least lower the volume? Thank you. MV

Hi Murray,   I have sent you a replacement, let me know how it works out.



Do you have any documentation for the decoder? Do you know who installed it?/ When was it installed?  If you cannot identify which decoder you have, can you possibly provide a picture of the decoder? You haven't provided enough info for members of this group to help you out.

Ed Sauers

Thank you Ed. I’ve heard from Kelly at QSI and he is sending me a replacement. We are all good. My friend Joe Warner reached out to Kelly directly.


My friend Lathan Sanford installed it for me.

Thank you Kelly. I appreciate your help. This is AMAZING service from QSI. I’m really impressed.




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