Re: #LastOfYahoo Re: Driver modifications for Quantum Programmer #LastOfYahoo

Talmadge C 'TC' Carr

Sorry for the slow response, I have been out of town and under the weather.. Sorry for not being more specific on the group name. It is JMRIusers which is the one that has all the converted messages from Yahoo.  Here is a link to the conversation:,,,20,0,0,0::relevance,,%22QSI%2C+JMRI+and+the+Mac%22,20,2,0,19501924


What system did you get the driver to work on? The instructions for the JMRI topic is about a few things and references on how to modify the .inf file to add the virtual com port. This allows JMRI to work with the QSI programmer.


Ass I said, this worked for me for a while on Win 10 until an update killed it. I haven’t tried ver 3.2 as I was hoping to get current drivers working so I didn’t lose the programmer with the next update.


Hope this helps.



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