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Good description showing both types of motors is at

For cons, some decoders don't work well with those motors (especially slow speed).  Probably because those motors are so efficient.


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What are coreless motor pro and con?

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There seems to be some info indicating that Titan does not work well with coreless motors.  With more and more coreless motors being used in scale models, decoders need to handle them well.

As far as 12V vs. 5V vs. 3V, why do you prefer 3V?  You can't really hook up white or blue LEDs directly to 3V (or you shouldn't). Unless you have a current-limiting power source for each LED, a current-limiting resistor should be used. That is best practice.  Red LEDs will also need a resistor with 3V positive voltage.

I actually think that 5V is an ideal voltage.  You can use lower value resistors with your LEDs, and they will need to dissipate less power (as heat) than if the common voltage was 12V.


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