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All the TTL logic I have ever worked with was running on 5V. 3.3V and 1.8V are used with the contemporary MOS logic devices (like processors and memory circus).  But regardless, how many modelers use function outputs of a DCC decoder with logic circuits?  Usually those are used for lighting functions.


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IF they were to do other voltages I suggest the following.
3.3 volts as this matches many TTL chips
1.8 volts for the same reason
From there you use regulators. In the case of LEDs use a current regulator.

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> As far as 12V vs.. 5V vs. 3V, why do you prefer 3V? You can't really hook up white or blue LEDs directly to 3V (or you shouldn't). Unless you have a current-limiting power source for each LED, a current-limiting resistor should be used. That is best practice. Red LEDs will also need a resistor with 3V positive voltage.

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